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Performance: Floating Spectrum and Simon Fisher Turner at IKLECTIK

Text by CLOT Magazine

Next Saturday 16th October, IKLECTIK are presenting an exquisite night of experimental sounds with Berlin-based Floating Spectrum and Simon Fisher Turner.

Floating Spectrum‘s music shimmers with elemental richness as synths, meditative drones, and heavily processed samples evolve across layered environmental soundscapes. Her sonic journeys explore themes of growth, decay, and the contradictory place of humans within nature. The slow, explosive, and quietly emotive dance performances of Taiwan’s legendary choreographer Lee-Chen Lin are a key inspiration.

Mei-Fang Liau is the Taiwan-born, Berlin-based musician and audio technologist behind Floating Spectrum. She creates intuitive and emotional compositions from a technically rigorous practice, coding her own custom generative music engines and software synthesizers. She can craft a wide range of intricate, organic computer-based sounds with subtlety and depth using self-made tools and prefabricated samplers and synthesisers.

British composer, sound designer, and actor Simon Fisher Turner have explored many avenues throughout his lengthy, multi-faceted career. Much like Scott Walker, he found early success as a pop star during his teenage years before moving in an increasingly avant-garde direction. He worked with director Derek Jarman on several lauded film scores, beginning with Caravaggio (1986).

Most of his output has consisted of soundtrack work and experimental soundscapes, including the jarring collages of 1990s The Garden (another Jarman score) and the more beat-driven explorations of Travelcard, a 2000 co-production with Scanner.

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(Image courtesy of IKLECTIK and the artist)
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