Survey: The Serpentine’s Legal Lab, seeking opinions from artists, technologists & scientists

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The Serpentine is making a big effort to set proper working frameworks for the art, science and technology disciplines with support from their artistic programmes and initiatives. One of these initiatives is the Serpentine’s Legal Lab, which explores how the law can better support collaborations across art, science and technology. Led by lawyer, curator and founder of Guest Work Agency, Alana Kushnir, the Legal Lab is a space for investigating legal issues and prototyping accessible legal solutions for the art field.

Legal structures and tools like contracts are crucial to structuring innovative enterprises and effective operational models. However, in the sphere of art, there is a tendency to shy away from legally onerous forms of arrangement. This has resulted in legal infrastructures being under-acknowledged for their multifaceted potential in supporting cutting-edge creative practice. These concerns are present in the internal organisation of the art field and the expanding realm of cross-disciplinary relationships between art actors and external fields.

The Legal Lab is currently conducting a survey to map legal practices in collaborations across art, science and technology. That’s why they are calling artists, technologists & scientists how much they know about copyright, IP and contract. The findings will be presented in a report produced in collaboration with Amurabi, a legal design agency, and shared publicly.

(Media courtesy of the Serpentine)
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