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Editor’s Pick: Dasha Rush’s ‘Trumpets of Andromeda & Summer Photons’, a journey through ethereal landscapes & immersive textures

Text by CLOT Magazine

I am interested in science because I feel that I hope to answer some fundamental questions; these can be personal, more transcendental or more global, but still seen through an individual filter. There’s also a source of inspiration in science. When I read something, it makes me think and feel curious and alive; it’s like something beyond our control or existence is fascinating to me—thinking about particle physics and also by scientific observation, Dasha Rush mentioned in an interview with CLOT Magazine answering where does her inspiration come from science and scientific phenomenology. 

Aside for her for her relentless techno DJ sets Dasha Rush is also well known for her productions. The highly-anticipated new full-length album Contemplating comes after eight years of her last album on Raster. Contemplating is an ambient album that takes listeners on a transcendental journey through ethereal landscapes and immersive textures. Contemplating captivates with its intricate layers of atmospheric harmonies, meticulously weaving together a tapestry of minimalistic sonic elements.

The new album serves as the pinnacle of her most personal and exploratory endeavours to date, focusing on her adventurous spirit as she independently delves into music, choreography, and video production. With the aspiration of achieving transcendence, the album follows a trajectory of growth and experimentation. Collaborations with visual artists and performers, such as Stanislav Glaszov and Valentin Tszin, further enrich the depth of her artistic expression.

Following the Contemplating debut single and video out earlier in August Trumpets of Andromeda, with music and visuals entirely composed by the artist, you can listen to the second single of the album, Summer Photons.

(Media courtesy of the artist)
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