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BIOFABRICATE 2017: The Day After

[two_columns] [column1] [/column1] [column2] [/column2] [/two_columns] The Biofabricate summit returned for its fourth iteration this December. The annual summit brings together global leaders in the

Summit: Global Community Bio Summit

[two_columns] [column1] (Sihinta_Shembil) [/column1] [column2] (Sihinta_Shembil) [/column2] [/two_columns]   The MIT Media Lab hosted the Global Community Bio Summit this September as part of it

Digital and Material Worlds: an artistic view

[two_columns] [column1] Blood lamp, Though Collider [/column1] [column2] Bulletproof Skin, Jalila Esaïdi [/column2] [/two_columns]       ‘Computing is not about computers any more. It

GINKGO BIOWORKS, biology by design

[two_columns] [column1] [/column1] [column2] [/column2] [/two_columns] Synthetic biology is believed to be one of our best chances to address some of the global issues of

BIOFABRICATE 2016: The Day After

[two_columns] [column1] (Pure Human, Tina Gorjanc. Photo Sebastian Kamau) [/column1] [column2] (Mogu & Officina Corpuscoli. Photo Sebastian Kamau) [/column2] [/two_columns]   BIOFABRICATE is the annual conference that brings