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Exhibition: ‘World of Light’ by Migration, Los Angeles

Text by CLOT Magazine

Migration is a Los Angeles-based creative institution specialising in experimental sensorial events influenced by technology, art and sound. One of their latest exhibits, World of Light, is a collaborative effort with non-profit creative organisation Inner-City Arts.

Inner-City Arts is a Los Angeles-based arts education that provides a safe space to create and discover art for underserved youth in Los Angeles. World of Light will be holding interactive workshops led by the artists, which will be offered to the L.A. young communities. As the organisers tell us, World of light is a collective of forward-thinking global artists commissioned to create boundless installations inspired by individuality and background diversity. The exhibition promises an engaging experience fusing art with technology through a collection of sophisticated installations and visual compositions.

At the pop-art exhibit, the viewers are transported from downtown Los Angeles to completely different corners of the world, their understanding of these surroundings shaped by the artists’ senses. The exhibitors include NONOTAK & CHiKA and their pieces Stella Octangula – an almost 5 metres high, interactive LED-powered sculpture, reactive to viewer interaction –  and Daydream v.4 – an installation that explores the space-time relationship through audiovisual distortions – respectively.

Then Playmodes (Spain) is presenting their piece Beyond, a study on visual and auditory perspective is a collision between darkness and lights, death and life. Beyond, an experience of travelling without moving is an immersive experience inside a 35 m-long tunnel. From the Netherlands, Kesson will present .sync .sync. This audiovisual installation consists of 3 screens synchronised with Twitter, so ‘every time someone tweets, an AI detects if it is positive, neutral or negative, and triggers the visual response to the tweet on the respective screen’, Kesson explains.

World Of Light is participating in Los Angeles this May, and the tickets for this innovative exhibition will be released soon.

(Media courtesy CHiKA)

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