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digital image of an event ADR5

Event: |ASDR|5, experimentations from London’s avant-garde sound community

Text by CLOT Magazine

Photo credit: Katrina Stamatopoulos of equivalentbehaviour

This Saturday, 11th March, sees the 5th edition of |ASDR|, which has organically developed into a regular quarterly event of experimental sound and music. Once again |ADSR|5 will take place at Tokoro Studio, a new space in the heart of North-East London within the hub of Tottenham’s Warehouse community. It materialised from an idea by Martyn Riley, sound artist, musician, and curator, to increase the number of accessible spaces for artists to perform and as a catalyst for new collectives and collaborations. This goes the same for active listeners, hungry for new sounds and artists to discover in an intimate setting. As in previous editions, |ADSR|5 is curated to create an open-minded diversity of artists with a primary aspect to be accessible to new and emerging artists. 

Dread will debut their new project exploring performance and compositional rabbit holes of the Avant-garde Classical, skewed-Bluegrass aesthetics, and improvised electric guitar that sits at the foreground of a brooding dark ambience, placing itself firmly at the antithesis of soothing “Lobotomy Ambient”. Dread’s debut album will be released on Industrial Coast later this year. 

Dhangsha (Bengali for ‘destruction’) will be creating dark, edgy soundscapes where ‘distorted alien motifs evolve and disintegrate over sparse but heavy beats’. His remit is to explore minimalism, repetition and fragmentation in sound and the potential to express political sentiment using these principles. 

New collaborations are a constant and important element for |ADSR| and this iteration has two AV performances with new partnerships. Yewen Jin, a multi-disciplinary artist who describes her sound as a hypnotic witchery, often accompanied by organically disintegrated rhythms & intricate sound textures, will perform with Julia Dèng Hànzú who will play the Guzheng (Chinese zither).  Sunni (Yu Hsuan Liao) is a visual artist and has shown installations and created visuals in Corsica Studios, Iklectik, Peckham Digital Festival & Taipei Fine Art Museum.

For Martyn Riley’s ‘Tokoro23’ project, there will be a performance with Jeremy Kent, sound artist/multi-instrumentalist, on viola and pedals. Live visuals will be created by Lucy/Kalista with a mix of animations and digital imagery exploring natural evolving mutations.

The night’s sonic interjections will be created by a DJ trio from the LCC Masters Sound Art program, bringing together Jung Latch of the ‘Fragment of Machines’ collective, sound artist Elliot Buchanan (aka ‘el-bu’) and audio-visual artist from Belarus, Ilya Gurin-Babayeu.

More information and tickets here.

(Image courtesy of Tokoro Studio)
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