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Event: Rebecca Salvadori – ‘The Sun Has No Shadow’, two evenings of film & music

Text by CLOT Magazine

The Sun Has No Shadow, Rebecca Salvadori (2022). Video still

Rebecca Salvadori is a London-based video artist and experimental filmmaker with a long trajectory in filming environments following a non-hierarchical/chronological layering and sequencing of audio to footage. Over the past 10 years, she’s engaged with experimental music, with a great interest in finding ways to connect the moving image with sound practices, performance and alternative forms of storytelling.

From documenting London’s experimental sound and rave scenes, music festivals and her many collaborations with musicians to organising some of the most adventurous sound and video art events with the collective Tutto Questo Sentire, Salvadori’s sensibility, sense for abstract metaphysical narrative and a particular eye for delicate while raw details make her work a sensory treat. 

This week, 27-18th October, she is presenting a 2-day bill at Iklectik in London, with a selection of her most representative films in combination with live performances connected to her work. Her film work, including ambiguous short documentaries, artists’ portraits, music videos and AV sets, is both highly personal and wilfully elusive. Throughout the years, Salvadori has accumulated an extensive video archive from which she creates assemblages. This acts as the basis for the film portraits of moments, people and environments. 

Salvadori shared with us that while re-examing her work for this event, it was curious for her to see how open-ended her first experiments were and how strongly she was questioning categorisation and looking for structure:  I saw my studies on portraiture, the different ways of interacting when filming and yes, the constantly evolving relationship with sound .. definitely the common thread of all my films. 

The biggest challenge for her in putting this event together was to decide the order of the different films: the order makes the experience totally different… I’ve spent a long time watching the same work, just changing the film before and the one after.

Thursday 27th of October will focus on video experiments, collaborations, music videos and portrait films such as Continuum (made with Sofia Mattioli), the premiere of Scott Young’s Compression Release Time, the video for Andy Stott’s Hard To Tell, the animation synchronized and non-synchronized exercises of arrhythmic empathy and many more. On this day, a live performance of past and regular collaborator DJ and producer Scott Young will be intertwined between the films.

The Friday programme will be centred on club documentation and rave films with the screening of Rave Trilogy, Different Beginnings, The Sun Has No Shadow, and the newly commissioned Tresor Tapes recently screened at Tresor 31: Techno, Berlin und die große Freiheit. DJ Antepop (Inverted Audio) will close the evening.

You can find more information and tickets here.

(Image courtesy of the artist)
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