Exhibition: ‘ZERO LATITUDE’ at Synthesis Gallery

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ZERO LATITUDE, Armin Keplinger, 2019

Synthesis Gallery is premiering this November 28th a new body of artwork by artist Armin Keplinger. Founded by George Vitale, the gallery opened its doors in 2017 in New York and landed in Berlin in April 2018. Since its inception, the gallery has been devoted to immersive VR experiences merging the physical and virtual worlds.  

Armin Keplinger lives and works in Berlin. Trained as a multimedia artist and with a focus on digital image creation, Keplinger uses video works, sculptures and installations to explore the ‘ the split between stages of time and mutual interaction of the digital and physical space’. 

Armin Keplinger has been exhibited Opera National de Paris, Saatchi Gallery, and Aando Fine Art Berlin, and for his upcoming exhibition ZERO LATITUDE at Synthesis gallery Keplinger ‘investigates different states of void and infinity, the collapse of unstable conditions – and their tipping point – as well as ever-changing sculptures,  surface over time.’ 

Philosophers have been speculating about the nature of time and the infinite since ever until the end of the 19th century AD when mathematician Georg Cantor introduced the concept of infinite sets and numbers. During the 20th century when artists become more and more engaged with science, the philosophical and physical concept of time has been more present in galleries and museums through the work of artists investigating what time means (to humans). 

Past exhibitions include So Far, Still So Close by Yu Hong and Nikita Shalenny and A New Jerusalem by Michael Takeo Magruder last September. 

ZERO LATITUDE opens on November 28 through December 1, 2019. 

(Picture courtesy of Synthesis Gallery)
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