Festival: ‘ACT 2 – The Echo Chamber’ Lapsus Barcelona

Intorno labs setting

On September 28, Lapsus returns with ACT 2, where its activities will be divided between the Barcelona Centre for Contemporary Culture (CCCB, co-producer of the event) and the nocturnal venue LAUT. ACT2 follows ACT 1, which showcased music from Eastern Europe thanks to the collaboration with Unsound Festival. This year’s second event,The Echo Chamber, presents two artists whose careers are defined by an unceasing mutation of their sound.

Echo Chamber, it’s a word we’ve been hearing frequently in recent times. Aside from the more obvious meaning of an enclosed space where sound reverberates, it also metaphorically refers to an online environment in which ideas, beliefs and news (fake or real) are amplified through closed social media systems that chastise those who dare to think differently.

Does everyone in your social media timeline think the same as you do? Does it bother you when other people have differing ideologies? And in terms of art, how difficult is it to move beyond your current tastes? Do algorithm-generated personal music playlists actually work? Lapsus have selected a series of performances that will aim to challenge our acoustic perception.

German contemporary electronic music legend, Moritz von Oswald, will be premiering his new show Akklamation; and Barcelona artist Pina presenting his new work Buit. Both performances will be presented exclusively at the CCCB Theatre using a three-dimensional sound system designed by Intorno Laband designed specifically for each show.  The Barcelona-based studio specializing in developing multidimensional sound tools and latest generation immersive technologies.

Intorno Labs will create an unprecedented psychoacoustic experience in Barcelona that will allow attendees to experience shows in a more profound and immersive fashion. To this end, performing artists will participate in an extended pre-show rehearsal period, in order to prepare these immersive three-dimensional sound experiences.

Text by CLOT Magazine (Twitter @clotmagazine)

Website: https://www.lapsus.cat/en/lapsus-2019/
(Picture courtesy of Lapsus)

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