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Festival: CTM 2021 »Transformation«, experimenting with new digital formats

Text by CLOT Magazine

In response to the ongoing pandemics, CTM 2021 »Transformation« aims to address some of the challenges facing arts and culture in these exceptional times. CTM 2021 will expand beyond the festival’s core dates of 19 – 31 January 2021. Music, exhibition, and discourse events will occur online and overlap into February. For the first time, the festival will also present a follow-up group of events in the second half of 2021.

CTM Cyberia is a virtual environment, an experimental playground, and an online exhibition hall created by CTM in cooperation with the media festival A MAZE. CTM Cyberia lets attendees select an avatar, encounter friends and strangers, watch live streams together, chat, and stumble through portals that lead to artworks by Alba G. Corral, Florence To, Gabber Modus Operandi, Lucas Gutierrez & Robert Lippok, Pussykrew & Peaches, and Sote & Tarik Barri, among many others. 

Club Matryoshka x CTM return for a second collaboration, this time offering a 6-hour journey through the specially created Hyphae Lebbeus Minecraft world, with a story-based gameplay narrative co-developed with Children of Cyberspace and a live soundtrack by 33EMYBW, Amazondotcom, AYA b2b xin, Bored Lord, De Grandi, Floating Sound Nation, FRKTL, Mary Anne Hobbs, Moa Pillar, object blue, Pisitakun, rRoxymore, S280F / 011668 / VVXXII, Sonia Calico, t0ni, Tegh, W00dy, ZULI.

Jamie Fenton and Ava Ansari lead the Hacklab with two online Input talks, setting the scene for Off the Fovea, a collective artistic experiment by the MusicMakers Hacklab hosted by Olivia Jack and Peter Kirn. 

Commissioned works will be presented throughout the festival, including an extended voice/electronics tone poem by Christina Wheeler, a vortex-inducing A/V performance by ERAM (aka Marianna Viscaíno) and EPX (aka Linn da Quebrada crew member Pininga) with SASKIA

Club Qu, IOR50 Studio & CTM Present: CQ5 is a virtual club night created together with Club Quarantäne. The night is modelled quite closely to a real club experience, including a virtual queue and bouncer as you arrive and an elaborate digital interior to be explored. With Arieshandmodel, NYC’s Oscar Nñ, DORMANTYOUTH, ArtKB48, or ZONAexp collective.

From 21-30 January 2021. The CTM Discourse series will provide diverse inputs into the Transformation theme with talks, lecture-performances, panel discussions and many more. 

This 100% online edition attempts to experiment with new digital formats, see how we can continue to support ongoing artistic work and find moments of interaction and togetherness as a remote music community and audience, say the team behind this unexpected edition of CTM. 

(Image courtesy of CTM festival)

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