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Open Call: Unsound 2020 Discourse Program

Text by CLOT Magazine

Unsound 2020 is taking place between October 4 and 11, and this year’s theme is Intermission —a break in a performance or production, that this year it refers as well to the rupture caused by the COVID-19 outbreak that has left 20% of the global population under lockdown. 

How can we fight for a stake in the future of the post-pandemic world? Right now, we would like to have the answer to this question.  As the people behind Unsound say this year will be a festival where the sound of music largely gives way to the sound of speaking and listening. We will focus and expand upon our discourse program, which usually lies alongside the music program, as a space for dialogue, thinking and knowledge; in 2020 it will become the main focus of the festival. 

The discourse program includes presentations, performative lectures, interviews and discussions. This program will be streamed live, and archived online. It will include artists, musicians, writers, theorists, activists, scientists and others responding to the new reality we now inhabit and must respond to as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Unsound is announcing an open call for ideas for Unsound: Intermission that can include music or visuals that blur the lines between lecture and performance. They will also publish a book containing essays, interviews and visual works and a compilation of tracks made by artists close to Unsound, which will be released on vinyl and online. 

The deadline closes on May 31, 2020. 

(Media courtesy of Unsound)
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