Category: Key Artists

FERRAN ADRIA, sublime food deconstruction

[two_columns] [column1] Sopa de Letras (Alphabet Soup) [/column1] [column2] Deshielo (ice melting) [/column2] [/two_columns] “From time to time, Catalan good sense closes its eyes dnd

ANDREW PELLING, growing ears on apples

[two_columns] [column1] AppleEars,  by Alexis Williams [/column1] [column2] Pelling Lab [/column2] [/two_columns]   From unusual and extraordinary perspectives is how projects get started in the

BOMPAS & PARR, all about food and science 

[two_columns] [column1] (Flaming Jelly. Photo credit: ChrisTerry for Bompas & Parr) [/column1] [column2] (The Chamber of Whishes. Photo credit: Tommo for Bompas & Parr) [/column2]

PAUL VANOUSE, a magician playing tricks with DNA

[two_columns] [column1] (Suspect Inversion Center, Ernst Schering Foundation, Berlin, Germany. Paul Vanouse and Kerry Sheehan performing, January, 2011. Photo by Axel Heise) [/column1] [column2] (Ocular Revision,

KIRA O’REILLY, human body, art, and biomedical research

[two_columns] [column1] (Untitled (slick glittery) Performatorium, Regina, Canada, 2014. Photo credit: Jason Cawood) [/column1] [column2] (Refolding (Lab. Architectures), 2010. Kira O’Reilly&Jennifer Willet. Photo credit Hugo Glendinning) [/column2]

HEATHER BARNETT, art and organism intelligence

[two_columns] [column1] [/column1] [column2] [/column2] [/two_columns]   Heather Barnett is a London-based visual artist and researcher working with living systems and scientific processes turning slime

SUZANNE LEE, exploring BioCouture

[two_columns] [column1] [/column1] [column2] [/column2] [/two_columns] Fashion is a visual language that has an intimate relationship with people and helps define their identity and the communities