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Event: [ADSR]2, a new experimental music event by Tokoro Studio

Text by CLOT Magazine

[ADSR] was initiated within Tokoro Studio to bring a different space/place for emerging artists to perform and for people to access their sonifications. On July 1, from 18:00 to 1:00 am, Tokoro Studio presents [ADSR]2, its second interaction with Daniel Garcia, Martyn Riley, Iván Muela, Kristina May and Ting.

Daniel Garcia is an experimental musician whose work revolves around minimalist generative ambient music, field recordings and found sound. His live sets are a mixture of modular synths, instrumental improvisations and reproductions of degraded cassette tape recordings, which he processes through effect units to create ever-evolving immersive soundscapes. 

Martyn Riley’s sound art practice specialises in memory and sound triggers by employing many experimental recording techniques that utilise new and older analogue methods of sound composition—manipulating sonic landscapes to challenge the listeners’ perceptions of environment and sound. For [ADSR]2, Riley will be playing new material based on a response of stretched & messed up manipulations of The Blue Nile’s seminal 80’s perfect under-ground cult pop release LP, A Walk Across The Rooftops, with cello, tape loops, beats & samples.

Spanish multi-instrumentalist, composer and sound artist Iván Muela explores the seams between classical and experimental music. His performances range from intimate piano concerts to full-scale, experimental events. His live sets contain any combination of piano, tape loops, guitar pedals, synths and contact mics to create soundscapes that are sometimes classical, sometimes ambient and sometimes avant-garde but always touching and thought-provoking.

Musician and Dj Kristina May is always exploring deep sounds. From their more experimental excursions to the relentless obscure beats, you will always find something exotic and interesting to hold on to. For [ADSR], May will be playing a selection of tracks, including productions of her own. Finally, Ting is a London-based techno DJ, producer, and member of INFINITE MONKEYS, Soma Taipei and the Berlin art movement Kepler 452b.

[ADSR]2 is free with registration here

(Image courtesy of Tokoro Studio)
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