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Installation: ‘NONDUAL’ by Albert van Abbe & raster at Concert Hall Kyiv

Text by CLOT Magazine

NONDUAL, Albert van Abbe. Still image

NONDUAL by Albert van Abbe is an audiovisual installation which utilizes generative audio and visual technology to create an extended, abstract and boundless concert experience; a non-present presentation carries the improvisational beauty of generative technologies.NONDUAL will be on show at Concert Hall in Kyiv from 29 October until 27 November 2020. The piece is a multi-sensory contemplation on the synergy of shape, form and colour. High-resolution, sweeping colours swathe the projection surface and undulate across the screen.

With no other focal point, viewers are lured into an ever-changing, unpredictable canvas. The creative improvisation during the live performances mimicked in the visuals via generative software designed by Studio A N F. van Abbe has worked within the broader audio-visual arts field for nearly two decades, creating sonic architectures with a deep interest in the concept of synaesthesia and ongoing interest and research in kinetic and spatial sound experiments.

Along with the installation and co-curated by the label and arts platform raster, with support from ∄, the Concert Hall in Kyiv will host a distinctive concert series within the context of its first exhibition. Over the span of five weeks, international and local artists will present seven unique concerts exploring a spectrum of electronic music backdropped by a perpetual generative visual field.

Invited artists include raster-affiliates Kyoka, Robert Lippok, Frank Bretschneider, Kangding Ray, Grischa Lichtenberger, Dasha Rush and Byetone, in addition to the unique addition of artists Flora Yin-Wong and Aho Ssan and Zavoloka. Each concert will feature complimenting live shows from local artists, including Voin Oruwu, Gael, Burning Woman, S-Z-2 and a unique premiere of Nastya Vogan with a string ensemble. 

On 30 October, Albert van Abbe will join curator Jordan Davidson in conversation about the development of the audiovisual work NONDUAL, focusing on the term itself and the deeper considerations of the concept in artistic practice. The dialogue between the two will cover the more recent technological developments in generative art and how both see this as a step towards a new and exciting future for creative undertakings.

The talk will provide guests with a thorough understanding of how software is developed and how it can be implemented into live performance. The casual setting aims for the audience to engage more closely with questions and insights to further elaborate on the topic together.

(Media courtesy of Studio A N F)
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