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COMMON TASK, a cybernetic Russian eutopia

[two_columns] [column1] [/column1] [column2] [/column2] [/two_columns]   This November marks the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution, the overthrow of the Provisional Government in Russia

BYRON RICH, tactical biopolitics

[two_columns] [column1] (Open Source Estrogen, Byron Rich+Mary Tsang, 2016) [/column1] [column2] (Open Source Estrogen, Byron Rich+Mary Tsang, 2016) [/column2] [/two_columns]   In an era where

GREG FOX, new shapes of drumming

[two_columns] [column1] (The Gradual Progression, 2017, cover artwork by Tauba Auerbach) [/column1] [column2]  (The Gradual Progression, 2017, promo image) [/column2] [/two_columns]   There is a certain type

BEAU WANZER, molecular biology and synths

[two_columns] [column1] [/column1] [column2] [/column2] [/two_columns]   It is not easy to find artists, especially musicians, with a scientific background and even less frequent, that

TARIK BARRI, a journey of sound and light

[two_columns] [column1] (Versum feat. Lea Fabrikant, 2017) [/column1] [column2] (Monolake, Robert Henke) [/column2] [/two_columns]   Since he was a kid, programmer and audiovisual artist Tarik